Klein: Toledo Bend Day One

April 14, 2011
Toledo Bend Day One

Well, on the first day I brought in a limit weighing 15 pounds, 15 ounces, and I'm currently in 23rd place. It's about what I thought I'd need to weigh to stay in the hunt.

 I really can't complain about my day. I enjoyed being out there and caught every fish that bit, but it wasn't easy. I caught my fish on about five different baits, stayed in one area and just worked the fish out.

 I had higher expectations than what I weighed in, but -- like I always say -- you have to go out there, make the most of your opportunities and maximize your day. That was the best I could do given the fish I found.

 The wind is playing a big factor out here and it will continue to do so on Friday. I ran a wind pattern during practice, and I'll give it a try today if it's windy in the morning.

 I'm staying confident and focused and taking the fish one at a time and the tournament a day at a time. I think I'm close to catching a 20-pound bag; I can feel it.

 I'm also looking forward to Day Two. You can't win one of these things in one day. I managed to stay in the hunt with my catch yesterday, but I obviously need to step things up if I'm going to have a successful tournament. To do that, I'll need to stay with the fish, and they're moving.

 They're getting off the banks -- a little more each day. I know that several of the leaders are catching fish off beds, but I plan to move offshore if the wind will let me. I think I have a good plan for Day Two.

 You know, Toledo Bend is one of the very best bass lakes in Texas, and that's saying a lot. It's a bass factory, and I wouldn't be shocked to see someone come in with 27 or 28 pounds on Friday. It's that good.

 I'm excited about the second round. I think I can catch a big bag!

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