Jaye needs novocaine, a nurse, sausage biscuit

If you're following "Bassmaster LIVE," you know Kelley Jaye has gone to the takeoff dock at Goose Pond to get some medical help in removing a treble hook lodged deep in his hand.

"I need novocaine, a nurse and a sausage biscuit," said Jaye, who obviously hasn't lost his sense of humor in the mishap. Jaye's strength is catching bass on jerkbaits. You throw a jerkbait long enough and you're going to get a hook in your hand. Jaye's came as he was boating a 4-pounder at 8:20. He's already got a 6-pounder in the boat and a 15-8 limit.

"I pull hooks out all the time, but this one, I can't do it," Jaye said. "This is a bad one."

His friend and fellow competitor Hank Cherry trolled over to try and assist Jaye, but Cherry realized the old string-pop trick wasn't going to work on this one. As Jaye departed for Goose Pond, Cherry said, "Hey, gimme that bait while you're gone."

There's a little something to Cherry's sarcasm. Jaye didn't mind sharing yesterday that he's catching his fish on an old style Smithwick Rogue.

"Nobody else has got 'em," Jaye said. "They don't make 'em like that anymore."

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