How you can help fight the Asian Carp invasion

Asian Carp have spread throughout much of the lower Mississippi River basin including the Arkansas River up to Dardanelle Dam. A national Asian Carp Control Program is urgently needed for controlling these invasive fish and preventing their spread into new waters including the Great Lakes. 

Such a program will require additional federal funding through regional organizations like MICRA (Mississippi Interstate Cooperative Research Association).

Arkansas Senator John Boozman is the Chairman of the Senate “Fisheries, Water, and Wildlife” Subcommittee and Representative Bruce Westerman (whose district includes part of Lake Dardanelle) is on the House Natural Resources Committee.  Arkansas anglers need to contact these legislators and urge them to help secure funding for MICRA and an Asian carp control program. 

Click on these links to contact the Congressman and Senator

Below, watch the clip where I talked on Bassmaster LIVE about this issue.