Haseotes joins Secret Lures

CENTERVILLE, Mass. — Byron "BJ" Haseotes is a member of the national pro staff for Secret Lures for 2013.

“I’m looking forward to working with Secret Lures," said Haseotes. "I have been using their products for a few years with success. It is rewarding to be able to represent a company’s products that I have confidence in. It is a great fit."

“We are extremely thankful BJ chose to represent our products at the Bassmaster Elite Series tour level," said Nathan Gray of Secret Lures, "and we look forward to working with him. It is refreshing to have an Elite pro representing products he believes in and has used with success. BJ wants to win; we will provide him the tools he needs to succeed on the Elite Tour.

“Our lures are designed to increase the fishermen’s hookup and landing percentages. We want our customers to have that competitive advantage to help them win and cash more checks in the tournaments they fish.”

Secret Lures makes the Stupid Tube, Ledge Shaker, Chubby Frog and MVP Jigs, among other products. For more information, visit www.secretlures.com.