Grant money will promote safety

Financed by a $4,000 grant, the Michigan BASS Federation Nation (MBFN) is creating a brochure and display to emphasize the importance of using engine cutoff switches in bass boats.

 "I saw a video of a bass boat going at high speed and the driver was thrown overboard," said Mark Brantmeyer, state conservation director. "He was using his cutoff switch and everything turned out all right. And that gave me an idea to pursue this."

 The BoatU.S. Foundation liked the idea and provided money through its Grassroots Grant program. The MBFN was one of only 11 from 150 applicants that received funding.

 "Working with small local boating nonprofits like this enables us to focus on issues specific to local waterways," said Alanna Keating, grant coordinator for the foundation, which has awarded more than $800,000 to promote safe boating since 1988. "We rely on enthusiastic volunteers like these to help expand our reach."

 For the brochures, the grant will pay for design, graphics and printing.

 "For the display, we'll have a switch mounted and show how to hook it up to a lanyard," Brantmeyer said. "We also plan to purchase lanyards and pass them out at boat shows."

 Find a list of all grant recipients, as well as grant applications and guidelines, at

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