Gear Review: ScentLok Socks

What is it?

ScentLok Socks

What sets it apart?

A recognized leader in scent-controlling technology, ScentLok offers a healthy and environmentally-friendly weapon in the longstanding battle against foot odor. In fact, this technical footwear does more than hold scent molecules at bay; it actually helps to prevent the macrobacteria from the which unpleasant smell originates. Forming the foundation for this product’s effectiveness is ScentLok’s proprietary Silver AlloyTM technology, which leverages the precious metal’s well-known antimicrobial influence. ScentLok socks also feature moisture-wicking properties to keep feet dry and comfortable and carbon fibers for maximum scent absorption.

How do I use it?

Because silver must touch the skin in order to unlock its potential, the inner layer of threads that surround the feet in ScentLok socks are extruded one strand at a time to allow the manufacturer to imbed silver into every polyester pore. This keeps the silver in place throughout the sock’s lifespan, while also keeping it next to the wearer’s skin. While topical silver ion treatments can wash out, thereby losing effectiveness and creating environmental hazards, ScentLok’s silver remains safely part of the sock’s construction.

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Angler’s insight:

On a good day, the post-fishing trip funk can be pretty sporty to the unprepared nostril. But adding in a soaking rain followed by the summer sauna and sweat plus humidity gives your feet a one-way ticket to stinky town. And what about those drainable soles shoe makers are including these days — if moisture can make it out, moisture can make it in. Picture sloshing through parking lot puddles, traversing goose-pooped docks and then standing on deck carpet often brushed with fish slime. Lots of causes for stinky feet; why not confront them head-on?