Fritts the fishing farmer

David Fritts knows well the fish-attracting charms of green pumpkin baits, but the Elite pro from Lexington, N.C., also values the spider-repelling power of a certain green gourd he grows on his 120-acre farm.

Yep, the "spider gourd" is said to keep creepy arachnids out of your home, and the fact that he never sees a single eight-legged intruder in this particular section of his field seems to validate the premise.

If you didn’t know, the 1993 Bassmaster Classic champion, recently inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame (class of 2019), spends most of his non-fishing hours running the family-owned and operated David and Tom Fritts Produce, founded with his late father. Spider gourds are only one element of this Central North Carolina operation, but they’re a fine representative of the farm’s noteworthy nature.

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