First Look with Dustin Connell

Monday Dustin Connell won his first Elite Series victory after a mere four attempts. That much you know if you have followed any of the coverage here on As he idled into check-in, Dustin talked to his camera man. This was not a pro, assuring himself that he did what he could. This was a young man facing his own self doubt, but never succumbing to it. 

I have shot some of the First Look videos we did when Ronnie Moore was otherwise occupied. First Look was Davy Hite talking to the top 3 or so finishers about their day, and if they thought they could win. Now that Davy works in the Bassmaster Studios during LIVE, we've had to stop doing them. 

Until Monday. Dustin didn't have Davy in the boat with him, but he gave us his own First Look. It was raw, riveting, and I would argue the best moments of Bassmaster LIVE we've ever had.

Take a look for yourself. 

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