Fantasy Fishing: Mark Daniels Jr. was best pick at Classic

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Ott DeFoe showed up in style and won the 2019 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods in front of a hometown crowd in Knoxville, Tenn. It was a very emotional win for the Tennessee native, and he will own the title for a lifetime.

DeFoe, among other pro anglers, stayed consistent to wow fans and Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing players, with three days of intense competition. DeFoe’s three-day total was 49 pounds, 3 ounces to best them all.

But it was Mark Daniels Jr. who was the best overall pick at the Classic. He was positioned in Bucket C, and greatly exceeded any expectations to fans and Fantasy Fishing players. He was the highest scoring angler in Knoxville.

Interestingly however, Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing Player “DeGraffenreid” set the first perfect Fantasy team in recent history. Maybe the only perfect team in Fantasy Fishing history.

For his diligence, he wins the Classic Fantasy contest.

Classic Fantasy Winner: “DeGraffenreid” with 1,522 total points

Rank: No. 516

Bucket A: Ott DeFoe, 310 points

B: Chris Zaldain, 294

C: Mark Daniels Jr., 320

D: Jesse Wiggins, 290

E: Edwin Evers, 308

Total: 1,522

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing’s current points leader: “BASShole” with a total of 3,926 points

Classic’s Perfect Team:

Bucket A: Ott DeFoe, 310 points

B: Chris Zaldain, 294

C: Mark Daniels Jr., 320

D: Jesse Wiggins, 290

E: Edwin Evers, 308

Total: 1,522


Ott DeFoe is the new world champion following his first Classic victory in front of his hometown crowd in Knoxville, Tenn. He earned 300 points for first place and 5 bonus points twice for leading on Day 1 and 3 for a total of 310 points for his loyal 31.1-pecent ownership.

Second-best choice: Jacob Wheeler was the second-best choice in this bucket having earned his loyal 7.8-percent ownership 300 points for his second-place finish. He earned 295 points for second, and five bonus points for leading Day 3.

Worst choice: The lowest-scoring angler in Bucket A was Matthew Robertson who earned his 0.4-percent ownership only 181 points after a tough 47th-place finish.


California native Chris Zaldain weighed the heaviest bag of the event at 21-12, which earned him 40 bonus points to add to his 254 points after a solid 12th-place finish. His quality showing earned his 13.5-percent ownership 294 total points.

Second-best choice: Brandon Palaniuk was the second-best selection having earned his 15.3-percent ownership 260 points after a solid 10th-place finish.

Worst choice: Aaron Martens was the lowest scoring selection in this bucket finishing in 51st place having earned his 21.8-percent ownership only 173 points.


Mark Daniels Jr. had a fantastic Classic with a legitimate shot at winning going into Day 3. He and Edwin Evers split the big-fish pot of 40 points because they both caught identical big bass for the event, each weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces. Daniels earned his 7.4-percent ownership 320 points total for a solid fifth-place finish.

Second-best choice: Mike Iaconelli was the second highest-scoring angler in Bucket C having earned his 21.1-percent ownership 285 points after a solid fourth-place finish.

Worst choice: Micah Frazier was the lowest scoring angler in Bucket C after he earned his 13.3-percent ownership only 183 points after a difficult 46th-place finish.


Alabama’s Jesse Wiggins enjoyed a tremendous Classic showing, and was in the hunt to win the whole thing. After a solid third-place finish, Wiggins earned his 16.8-percent ownership 290 points.

Second-best choice: Adrian Avena was the second-best choice in this bucket. He earned his 4.1-percent ownership 251 points after a stellar 13th-place finish.

Worst choice: Randy Pierson was the lowest scoring angler in this bucket having only earned his 1.4-percent ownership 171 points after a tough 52nd-place finish.


Edwin Evers showed up and fished well, and he earned his faithful 44-percent ownership 308 points after a quality eighth-place finish. He earned 288 points for his place, then split the big-fish pot with Mark Daniels Jr., so 20 bonus points (normally 40 bonus points for big fish) was added for a total of 308.

Second-best choice: Dean Rojas was the second-best angler in Bucket E having earned is 2-percent ownership 264 points after a strong ninth-place finish.

Worst choice: International angler Jacopo Gallelli was the lowest scoring angler in Bucket E after a dismal 49th place that only earned his 0.6-percent ownership 177 points.

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