Fantasy Fishing: Hartman tops Guntersville Fantasy leaderboard

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. — Lake Guntersville impressed, as it always seems to do by producing many bags exceeding the targeted 20-pound mark. Also as expected, big bass were caught on several different structural elements and presentations.

The ledges played, as did the shallow grass, and crankbaits, jigs, spoons and even jerkbaits produced fish for the Top 10.

It’s at that point in the season when Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing players need to be watching the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year race when making selections for their teams. Momentum is a big factor right now, but as you go deeper into the buckets there are a bunch of anglers who need a big tournament. That means to select anglers who are most likely to make a big move.

We are headed north in August for our annual “Northern Swing” and smallmouth bass will be the primary focus for most pros.

Yes, the AOY leaderboard is shaping up and trends are being seen, but it’s far from over. It’s certainly getting very exciting.

Let’s take a look at how Lake Fork played out for Fantasy fanatics:

Guntersville Fantasy Winner: “dpart12” with 1,332 total points.

Rank: No. 7,596

Bucket A: Cory Johnston, 209

B: Chris Zaldain, 295

C: Caleb Sumrall, 285

D: Kelley Jaye, 300

E: Carl Jocumsen, 243

Total: 1,332

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing’s current points leader: “SDJ888” with a total of 8,567 points.

Guntersville’s Perfect Team:

Bucket A: Seth Feider, 257 points

B: Jamie Hartman, 305

C: Caleb Sumrall, 285

D: Kelley Jaye, 300

E: Carl Jocumsen, 243

Total: 1,390


Seth Feider is one of the best smallmouth fishermen on the planet, but don’t ever discount his tenacity as a largemouth stick. He’s good with both, and he proved that again this week at Guntersville by earning his 7.1-percent ownership 257 points after a solid 11th-place finish.

Second-best choice: The second-best choice in Bucket A was Florida pro Drew Benton. Benton earned his 4-percent ownership 251 points after a solid 13th-place finish.

Worst choice: The lowest scoring angler in this bucket was Brandon Card. After a difficult 64th-place finish, Card earned his 2.9-percent ownership 147 points.


Jamie Hartman was one of the most dominant rookies in history just two short years ago. After overcoming a season-ending injury in 2018, Hartman has enjoyed a strong season so far, and he’s finally claimed a coveted blue trophy. Hartman earned 305 points for his loyal 1.3-percent ownership after winning the whole thing. He was the highest performing angler in Fantasy Fishing.

Second-best choice: Matt Arey was the second highest scoring angler in this bucket. He earned his 1.3-percent ownership 300 points after a stellar second-place performance.

Worst choice: The lowest scoring angler in Bucket B was Hunter Shryock, he endured a difficult 60th-place finish and earned his 2.9-percent ownership only 155 points.


Caleb Sumrall enjoyed a productive trip to Guntersville and walked away having earned his 2.3-percent ownership 285 points after a fourth-place finish.

Second-best choice: Chad Pipkens was the second best pick in this bucket after a solid sixth-place finish. He earned his 8.5-percent ownership 276 points.

Worst choice: Mike Huff was the lowest scoring angler having earned only 135 points for his 0.9-percent ownership after a difficult 70th-place finish.


Alabama native Kelley Jaye managed to bury a hook in his hand and take a trip to the local ER, and still finished strong. Jaye produced 300 points for his 19.4-percent ownership after finishing in 10th place.

Second-best choice: Tyler Rivet was the second-highest scoring angler having produced 245 points for his 0.9-percent ownership after a solid 15th-place finish.

Worst choice: Rick Clunn was the lowest scoring angler in Bucket D having earned his loyal 20.3-percent ownership 129 points after a difficult 73rd-place finish.


Aussie pro Carl Jocumsen has done well on Guntersville before, and he needed a strong finish to put his season back on track. He did just that having earned his 7.7-percent ownership 243 points for a solid 16th-place finish.

Second-best choice: Robbie Latuso was the second-best choice in this bucket. He earned his 3.3-percent ownership 241 points after a strong 17th-place finish.

Worst choice: Tyler Carriere was the lowest scoring angler at this event having placed in 74th. He earned his 0.6-percent ownership 127 points.

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