Fantasy Fishing: Cobb was tops at Lake Fork

LAKE FORK, Texas — Nobody is surprised that big bass dominated the 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest benefiting Texas Parks & Wildlife Department at Lake Fork last week. It was an incredible event with two Bassmaster Elite Series pros cresting the Century Club mark of 100 pounds.

South Carolina’s Brandon Cobb won with a four-day total of 114 pounds, and Garrett Paquette finished in second place with 101-15 across the four official competition days. The last time 100 pounds was topped was Lake Falcon in 2013 — it’s an impressive weight that all bass anglers covet.

Lake Fork was high, dirty and not seasonally ideal for larger limits, but it still kicked out impressive numbers of big fish. Cobb’s limit included an 11-plus-pounder he caught from a bed that anchored his position 12 pounds above his nearest competitor. It was an impressive victory, and Cobb’s second title on the year.

He won Lake Hartwell at the beginning of April.

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing players are quickly learning who their favorite anglers are among the new field of pros, and Cobb is continuing to rise to the top of that list.

Let’s take a look at how Lake Fork played out for Fantasy fanatics:

Lake Fork Fantasy Winner: “Muniz” with 1,395 total points

Rank: No. 17,582

Bucket A: Brandon Cobb, 390 points

B: Mark Menendez, 229

C: Garrett Paquette, 295

D: Chad Pipkens, 278

E: Chris Groh, 203

Total: 1,395

Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing’s current points leader: “daveyboy” with a total of 7,542 points

Fork’s Perfect Team:

Bucket A: Brandon Cobb, 390 points

B: Brandon Card, 285

C: Garrett Paquette, 295

D: Jeff Gustafson, 280

E: Derek Hudnall, 248

Total: 1,498


Cobb notched his second victory in a month’s time at Lake Fork, and he’s proving his tenacity on the water. For Fantasy Fishing players, he paid out big time, posting one of the highest scores for a single angler in an event. Cobb earned 390 points, 300 for the win, 40 for big bass and 40 more for heaviest bag of the event — plus 5 bonus points twice for leading on the third and final day. He earned his 1.1-percent ownership 390 total points for a first-place finish.

Second-best choice: Micah Frazier was the second-highest scoring angler in Bucket A, having earned his 2.5-percent ownership 290 points after a solid performance and third-place finish.

Worst choice: An uncharacteristic finish from Scott Canterbury put him as the lowest-scoring angler in this bucket. He earned his 5.5-percent ownership only 177 points after a disappointing 49th-place finish.


Brandon Card enjoyed a productive event, and Fantasy players also enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Card earned his 1.2-percent ownership 285 points for a solid fourth-place finish.

Second-best choice: Drew Benton was the second-highest scoring angler in this bucket, having earned 260 points for his 7.2-percent ownership after a solid 10th-place finish.

Worst choice: Rob Digh was the lowest scoring angler in this bucket only producing 133 points after a tough 71st-place finish.


Paquette was the one of two anglers to catch over 100 pounds across four days of completion, and he finished in second place to Cobb. Paquette produced 295 points for his 1.7-percent ownership.

Second-best choice: Keith Combs was the second-best choice in this bucket. Combs produced 272 points following a strong seventh-place finish.

Worst choice: Brock Mosley was the lowest-scoring angler in this bucket with only 131 points after an uncharacteristic 72nd-place finish.


Newcomer and Canadian angler Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson proved he can still hang with the best even on southern waters. He posted 280 points for this 4.1-percent ownership after a very strong fifth-place finish.

Second-best choice: Chad Pipkens was the second-best selection in Bucket D, having earned his 1.5-percent ownership 278 points after an eighth-place finish.

Worst choice: A surprising Rick Clunn was the lowest-scoring angler in this bucket. He only produced 135 points after a tough 70th-place finish.


Derek Hudnall showed up at this event to make up some ground, and he did just that. He earned 248 points for his 5.5-percent ownership after a very solid 14th-place finish at Lake Fork.

Second-best choice: Kyle Monti was the second-highest scoring angler in this bucket, having produced 225 points after a solid 25th-place finish.

Worst choice: David Fritts was the lowest scoring angler of the event having placed 75th only producing 125 points for his 1.6-percent ownership.

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