Fantasy: Biffle out, Pirch replaces him

PHILADELPHIA — With Mike Iaconelli so highly owned in Bucket D in Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing (currently at 64 percent), several players looked for an alternative in case Iaconelli bombed.

Tommy Biffle was a worthy alternative. Pundits credited his flipping prowess and his success in tidal events. Ten percent of players jumped on the Biffle bandwagon, and he became the second-highest pick in the bucket.

But, Biffle's wife, Sharon, suffered a heart attack over the weekend. He has withdrawn from the Bassmaster Elite at Delaware River to help her recover.

What that means for Fantasy Fishing is that the ownership percentages will shift as players disperse their anti-Iaconelli vote. Undoubtedly, many will move their allegiance to Jonathon VanDam, who is currently third in the bucket behind Biffle.

The Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing managers prefer for no player to score a zero when possible. We are shifting all of Biffle's owners to the angler ranked ahead of Biffle in Fantasy points, Cliff Pirch. Iaconelli is actually ranked one place ahead of Biffle, but the percentage for Iaconelli is high enough already. So we moved up another place to Pirch.

In the meantime, anyone who had chosen Biffle and who will soon have Pirch can change their angler at any time before launch on Thursday morning.

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