Fancy footwork with Walters

Patrick Walters has two left feet.

Need proof?

Just ask the 24-year-old Summerville, S.C., resident about an excursion he took with a group of friends a few summers ago when they boated out of Charleston to Georgetown, about 40 or so miles up the Palmetto State coastline.

The crew was cutting up some, as young 20-somethings sometimes do, while they made their way up the Intracoastal Waterway. When they reached Georgetown, they soon found themselves in a nightclub partying into the late hours.

It was a fairly lively place and there were some good tunes on the sound system. A few more adult beverages were consumed, and before long, the friends were on the dance floor. That included Walters, who as he readily admits, won’t be mistaken for Fred Astaire anytime soon.

But the music called to him, and even though he’s not sure which song worked its magic, he finally decided to break out his “best” dance moves.

“We all call it dancing, but nobody knows what I’m doing out there,” Walters said, with a big laugh. “I’m just kind of out there moving around. There was some country playing and some rap going, and it was all just mixing around. Before long, I got to pop, lock and dropping, and nothing good at all was happening with that.

“I thought we were loosening up, but I tightened up. I dropped it low and something popped in my knee.”