Exploring 1000 Islands

New York’s 1000 Islands is famous for its breathtaking views, castles and of course the delicious salad dressing. 

As Go Out{side} ambassador David Brown shares, there are actually 1,864 land masses that make up the region. 

All of the islands are different and have something unique to offer. Like Pullman Island’s Castle Rest or the Devil’s Oven plunge and river pirate history. 

1000 Islands is nestled on the St. Lawrence River, and during any season you will see boats of all shapes and sizes touring the waters. The river is home to a variety of fish species that make great trophies for any angler. Bass fishing is abundant, along with the muskie, northern pike and walleye. 

The amazing fishing is what draws our tournaments and tourists to Clayton. 

If you’re planning a trip, you’ll definitely want to check out Brown’s piece here to see the highlights. 

Besides sightseeing, there is camping, diving and all sorts of outdoor recreation to round out an amazing trip. And while you’re there, you should get some 1000 Islands dressing right from where it started.