Elite Series Alabama Charge Day Three quotable


FLORENCE, Ala.-- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day Three weigh-in.


 "I had all those fish before the second flight came by me today."

 -- Terry Scroggins

 "I didn't catch a fish on any key spot until 3 o'clock."

 -- Davy Hite

 "You get a bite around every corner here."

 -- Greg Hackney

 "I imagine yesterday will haunt me before this thing is over."

 -- Denny Brauer

 "I sat up there and watched Davy (Hite) and (Keith) Poche catch all those bass and all I could catch was drum."

 -- Paul Elias

 "I hate 'em all when they get up there in the bushes, I want to catch them all."

 -- Gerald Swindle

 "I pretty much sucked this week."

 -- Skeet Reese

 "Everything I did today worked."

-- Matt Reed

 "I got spun out early and spun out often. It was just butt ugly."

 -- Kevin Short