Don Barone's favorite moment of 2017

I was invited into the boat.

That’s a big deal among anglers, you always hear “I’d have him in my boat any time,” or “not in my boat, not that guy,” but this year…I was invited in and it will be a memory I never forget.

I got to fish with Trip Weldon and Chuck Harbin…in their boat. To be honest it wasn’t about the fishing for me, it was a chance to be one of the guys, just a dude fishing and cracking jokes.

Me being a “yankee,” several times it was pointed out to me to, “watch out for that gator,” which in fact was just a piece of wood, but it was the good nature “buddy goofing on” that made it special for me.

Yep, a moment I’ll never forget but topped by what happened the next day when this text came through to me: “Hey we going fishing this morning want to come….” 

And the sender line said: Trip.

Thanks Trip and Chuck for the lifelong memory,


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