DiPalma continues partnership with Riot Baits

Mooresville, N.C. - Riot Baits has renewed their partnership with four-year Riot Baits pro Greg DiPalma of Millville, N.J. Greg had previously qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2006 through the Bassmaster Open Series, which he declined. That decision was difficult for Greg who had dreamed of becoming a professional fishermen for as long as he could remember. Since then, Greg has fished the Bassmaster Open Series each year in an effort to requalify, and in 2019 Greg was fortunate enough to receive a second invitation. Greg will be joining good friend and fellow Riot teammate Jamie Hartman.

Greg is well known amongst seasoned anglers in the Northeast. He owns and operates Upper Bay Guide Service on the Upper Chesapeake Bay (Susquehanna Flats). “The Flats,” as they are called by locals, are known for being one of the best tidal bass fisheries on the East Coast. Greg calls the Upper Bay home for a good portion of each season, and he has amassed a healthy record of tournament wins there.

As a rookie pro, Greg DiPalma will be visiting many of the lakes on the 2019 Elite Series for the first time. Greg admits that of the nine lakes visited during the regular season, he has only seen one, Cayuga Lake in New York. Greg fished Cayuga in the first Federation Nation State Team event he qualified for back in 2013. His familiarity with that body of water has him looking forward to that event more than any other. “It’s a power fishing place and that suits my style perfectly,” Greg said.