Day Two quotes

“This sport will humble you and bring you to your knees.”

– Timmy Horton after finishing in 99th place.

“That weight will probably send me to the house.”

– Kenyon Hill

“It was a little bit personal after yesterday.”

– Kevin Short

“I haven’t even leaned on them yet.”

– Casey Scanlon

“This spot (spotted bass) and I are related; look at the belly on that thing.”

– Pete Ponds

“This would be a great place to live if the roads weren’t so crooked.”

– Jamie Horton

“Clear water and no wind scare the hell out of me.”

– Jason Christie

“If you try to do yesterday, today … these clear lakes will get you every time.”

– Cliff Pace

“I finally had to break down and borrow a spinning reel and some six-pound line. I don’t carry that stuff with me.”

– Rick Clunn

“I don’t like fishing those things.”

– Paul Elias on fishing with a spinning rod

“You’ll have a good time tomorrow, I won’t be here.”

– Mike McClelland