Day Two: Quotable

“I knew today it could be slim pickings for me.”

– Skeet Reese

“Any day you can fish on Saturday is a good day.”

– Bill Lowen on making the Top 50 cut

“When you catch a 1 pound, 10 ounce bass that you know is worth $10,000, you get pretty jacked up about it.”

– Gary Klein

“I’m going to get the map out tonight, throw darts at it and go there tomorrow.”

– Cliff Pace

“There’s always something to sweat in this sport.”

– David Walker

“I have ran 448 miles the last two days.”

– Mike McClelland

“I’m back in this place so far by myself, it’s kind of like Deliverance.”

– Brandon Card

“I run until my gas gauge says half-a-tank, I stop there and fish my way back.”

– Terry Scroggins

“I ran 175 miles one way today to catch one 12-inch fish.” 

– Jeremy Starks

“I actually culled today – woo-hoooo!!!”

– Shaw Grigsby

“I don’t think there are any fish left. I think Todd Faircloth caught them all.”

– Jason Williamson

“Luck has nothing to do with bass fishing.”

– Dave Mercer

“It does to me!”

– Terry Scroggins regarding his 6-1 Carhartt Big Bass leader

“She may not be pretty, but she’s sexy to me.”

– Gerald Swindle, on the largest of his three keepers, which totaled 8-9

“I’m getting one fish for every 41 gallons of gas.”

– Gerald Swindle