Day One Quotes

“I went to my big fish and culled up to 5.9 pounds.”

– Jeff Kriet

“To do good here you need a biggun’ … like a two-pounder.”

– Jeff Kriet

“I don’t know what’s happening over here.”

– Yusuke Miyazaki

“Ain’t anybody going to be out of it after today.”

– Timmy Horton

“The guy that fishes on the fly is gonna do pretty good.”

– Fred Roumbanis

“Still trying to figure out if I’m fishing with nerves of steel, or pure stupidity.”

– Cliff Croche

“We know the fish live here, we caught them the last time we were here.”

– Andy Montgomery

“I thought I would be in like 75th place with a weight like that.”

– Marty Robinson after weighing in 12 pounds, 10 ounces and finishing the day in sixth place.

“I can’t remember when I was this happy with eight pounds.”

– Mike Iaconelli

“I opened up the rod box to get another rod out, and it was empty.”

– Kevin Short

“All the sandbagging you usually hear … it’s for real this time.”

– Mark Davis

“Two big fish will win this tournament.”

– Mark Davis

“I told my Marshal at one o’clock, thank God I’m in the Classic … cause I’m about to zero in this sucker.”

– Day One leader Keith Combs