Daily Limit: Thankful for …


Brock Mosley poses with his wife, Leslie, after the birth of their daughter, Millie James.

When asked what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving, Bassmaster Elite anglers overwhelmingly answered with “family and friends,” as it should be.

It was Brock Mosley who trumped them all, becoming a first-time father after answering he was most thankful for “My baby girl being born.” His wife, Leslie, gave birth to their first child, Millie James Mosley, on Monday, right after he responded.

“I was actually in the waiting room yesterday doing that survey. I felt by the time somebody read it, she would be born,” said Mosley, who was right.

All 6 pounds, 15 ounces, came into this world around 4 p.m., and mother and baby are A-OK, he reported after getting a nice “little hour nap.” And he was rather thankful for that after being up 40 hours straight the day before.

Leslie went into labor around 8 p.m. Sunday, but with contractions 20 minutes part, the couple didn’t head to the hospital until morning, even though it was a painful night for her.

“It’s always a little scary … I’m not the baby person,” said Mosley, who admitted he did learn a lot the past 9 months. “My main concern was the baby be healthy and Leslie be OK. Everything is great.”

The Mosleys also felt fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of friends and family. Her mother even spent Monday night in the hospital helping, giving Brock the opportunity to get several hours of sleep. (Leslile caught a few catnaps in the hospital bed throughout the ordeal).

“Leslie and I are both blessed to have big supportive families,” Brock said. “The baby’s just had all kind of people here wanting to see her.”

The baby is named after Leslie’s grandmother, Millie, and grandfather, James. James is also her mother’s middle name. Mosley said he was glad things might now finally start to settle down for him.

“It’s been kind a crazy year to begin with, with all the shakeups and all, and having a baby on the way,” he said. “This time of year we’re doing sponsor deals. It’s been kind of a blur. We’re getting there, and come January we’ll be ready to start up fishing.”

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