Daily Limit: Storm blows trees into Livesay’s home

“Gloom, despair and agony on me, whoa.”

Elite angler Lee Livesay might be singing that old “Hee Haw” hymn if he wasn’t taking his latest disaster with a chuckle.

Just days after a disappointing showing on his home lake, Wednesday’s storm sent four trees crashing through the roof of his home in Longview, Texas, leaving him scrambling to plug them up and save as much of his stuff as he could from the water gushing in his house.

“No crying, man,” Livesay said with a laugh. “I’m just taking it this week, man.”

Rain-soaking storms have been rolling through the Midwest this spring. Flood conditions even forced the postponement of this week’s Elite event on Fort Gipson Lake in Oklahoma to September. Livesay was on the phone with fellow Elite Jason Williamson discussing those possibilities when the raging storm made him walk out onto his covered porch.

“I heard the wind pick up really hard,” he said. “Man, maybe there’s a tornado. Maybe I need to check the radar. I opened my back door and was just standing there. The trees directly in front of me go, “Eeerrraaaagh!’ I ran back inside. They fell to my left and ‘Sha-boom!’

“They just smash into my house. Jason went, ‘What the hell is going on?’ I said, ‘Let me get off the phone real quick.’”

As Livesay ran back inside, debris was flying. For years, he had predicted the 60-plus foot pine trees about 25 feet from his slab might fall. They shared the same root system and seemed to be dying, but he couldn’t do anything since they were on an adjacent empty lot.

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