Daily Limit: Scott Martin has Classic goals as new Elite


New Elite Scott Martin on right, with his dad Roland.

It’s no surprise Scott Martin wants to win the Bassmaster Classic, for himself and his father, Roland Martin.

Roland Martin, known for decades on television as the Great American Fisherman, was the golden boy of B.A.S.S. in its infancy, racking up a record nine Angler of the Year titles from 1971-1985. Despite 25 Classic appearances, Roland Martin never added the crown jewel of bass fishing.

Scott, who recently qualified to fish the Elites in 2021, wants to win a Classic for the family. See Bryan Brasher’s unfinished business.

“I’m goal driven,” Scott Martin said. “That’s the only reason I’m doing what I’m doing. My goal is to win a Classic while he’s still around. I don’t say that lightly. I understand winning the Classic is one of the hardest things on the planet to do. I very well may never come close, but I have that as a goal.”

It’s certainly not a pipe dream. Scott Martin, 45, comes to B.A.S.S. with a stellar FLW resume, totaling more than $2.9 million in earnings and winning an AOY title. In 182 events, he had 42 top-10 finishes and won eight times, including the 2011 Forrest Wood Cup. That crowning moment remains Scott’s greatest in fishing as his father was a surprise attendee and stood among the cheering crowd, simply holding his arm out, thumb up. It’s a scene the Martins would love to repeat.

Scott Martin is realistic about the odds of winning a Classic, but it’s something he’ll fish his heart out trying to do. Roland Martin, who gave the family a scare but recovered from COVID-19 recently, turned 80 in March.

“Time is not on my side as far as trying to pull off my ultimate goal, so I’ve got to move quickly,” Scott Martin said. “I’m not, ‘In the next 10 years I want to win a Classic.’ I want to do some of this pretty fast. I don’t say this lightly, and I don’t want people to think I’m overconfident or cocky about it. It’s going to be ridiculously hard, but those are my goals.”

Simply qualifying for the Elites through the 2020 Basspro.com Bassmaster Opens proved difficult enough. There were 12 spots up for grabs, four for the overall Opens point standings and four each in the Eastern and Central divisions. Among the early leaders, Scott Martin slipped before coming through on his final day of competition.

“I didn’t get a hall pass through the year,” he said. “I couldn’t catch a bass, go order a pizza and I’m in. It boiled down to the last day.”

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