Daily Limit: Livesay’s supernatural win at Fork


Doug Schermer

A degree of magic is required to win any bass tournament. Lee Livesay’s transcendent victory on Lake Fork had some of that but also included a touch of the supernatural.

Livesay capped off last week’s win in the Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork with a jaw-dropping day that will long be remembered in B.A.S.S. lore. After his final cull that secured the third biggest bag in the modern era, Livesay’s thoughts turned to his grandfather, Ervin Robinson, who died in 2010.

Robinson was huge in shaping Livesay’s life. They were inseparable, according to Livesay’s older sister Lisa, fishing together on various lakes and spending a lot of time bonding on Oklahoma’s Waurike Lake where Robinson and wife, Betty Sue, had a lake house.

“When I caught that last cull I made at 1 o’clock, a little bit after that I idled through my little entourage out there, my sister said she had felt my grandpa, felt his presence,” Livesay said. “He was the one I kind of grew up fishing with.”  

The Bassmaster LIVE audience heard Livesay say “I’m a crier,” but didn’t get the context of why those emotions came in such a triumphant moment. Lisa helped illuminate.

“I physically felt Papaw show up on that water,” Lisa said. “I told two people that. It was the craziest feeling, but it was comforting at the same time because I always wanted him to see Lee win a big tourney!”

Hearing big sis tell him their "Papaw" was there choked up Livesay.

“It was cool,” he said. “I kind teared up on Bassmaster LIVE when I was idling through thinking about him.”