Daily Limit: Fish when, where you can

A group of teens heading to a local golf course lake early one Monday morning elicited curiosity.

What exactly is going on here? Is this a high school team going out to practice? A free fishing day? An organized event? The Daily Limit wanted to know, so park the car and go find out.

“We get dropped off at the golf course, and we get to fish because the course is closed,” said 15-year-old Josh Rowe. “We just try to catch a bunch of bass.”

Rowe was among the 10 or so youth from the same high school who load up backpacks, a couple rods, tackle, snacks and water to spend their morning plying ponds dotting the course. They said they’d been doing it for around two years with permission from the country club.

“It’s pretty good fishing — they’re all about a 1 and 1/2 to 2, 3 pounds,” said Rowe, whose best from the main lake was a 5-pounder that bit a watermelon seed finesse worm. “My dad took me fishing since I was really little. I’ve just loved it my whole life.”

Elliot Easterly and Andrew Coleman were alongside Rowe. Easterly was throwing a swimbait with a Lew’s Orange Mach Crush baitcaster he bought after seeing a YouTube video describing how smooth the reel works.

“Sometimes we’ll do competitions out here if we’re catching them good,” Easterly said. “Sometimes we do most fish, and then have portable scales.

“If we do most fish, we’ll bass fish a little bit until we’re losing, then Andy and I go to another pond and they have a lot of little bream and we go catch a bunch.”

The boys, who all live in nearby neighborhoods, said they kind of took Rowe’s lead. He talked up bass fishing at school — “We’d skip out on science notes and talk about fishing.”

“I did used to fish a lot, but Josh got me back into it,” Coleman said. “Two summers ago, and we started doing this and we did it after school during the year.”