Daily Limit: Benton manages best buck

Developing a plan, putting in the work and having it all come together is the hope of Bassmaster Elite Series anglers for each tournament. Taking that route for deer season, Drew Benton scored the biggest buck of his life.

The 2016 Elite Rookie of the Year from Panama City, Fla., moved to Blakely, Ga., last spring and began managing his property in between tournaments.  

“We moved to Early County to a farm last May, right between Lake Seminole and Lake Eufaula. First on my agenda was to try to set up everything to draw deer to it,” Benton said. “I planted about 6 acres of iron clay peas, radishes, turnips and wheat, everything you could think of.”

With son, Cade, 5, by his side most of the time, Benton set out to create food plots to draw in deer.

“We’re surrounded by agriculture,” he said. “We didn’t have a lot of deer on it until all that ag got picked. Once I was the only available food source around, I’ve got a ton of deer now.”

Showing up on Benton’s game cams almost two months ago, “The Majestic” was named quickly after friends saw photos. The buck became No. 1 on Benton’s hit list, but it was elusive.

“I’ve been hunting him hard. He would show up, then disappear, then show up again for a few days, then disappear again,” he said. “I figured where I thought he was bedding. He was spending his nights in the fields I planted. I got a couple pictures of him right at daylight and just after daylight going to an area on our property that’s just a thick, thick bedding area.”

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