Top 25 college fishing teams

When only one team wins and dozens compete, it makes it a little difficult to come up with a system that can tell you the relative strength of each school. But using some serious math and lots of discussion, I think we've come up with a pretty good look at where the top 25 college teams stand in relation to each other. If you'd like to learn a little more about how we arrived at this, check out the information underneath the list. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, too!

Rank School Score
1 Bethel University 4.498
2 Daytona State College 4.412
3 Western Illinois University 3.985
4 UNC Charlotte 3.978
5 UCF 3.879
6 New Mexico State University 3.783
7 Auburn University 3.778
8 Georgetown College 3.706
9 Eastern Kentucky University 3.699
10 Tarleton State 3.650
11 Kansas State University 3.622
12 University of West Georgia 3.585
13 East Carolina 3.570
14 Murray State 3.559
15 Arkansas Tech University 3.508
16 Milwaukee School of Engineering 3.493
17 Chico State 3.444
18 Texas A&M - Kingsville 3.441
19 Dallas Baptist University 3.438
20 Oregon State University 3.436
21 University of Louisville 3.376
22 Shippensburg University 3.375
23 Texas A&M - Corpus Christi 3.363
24 Stephen F Austin State University 3.362
25 University of Montevallo 3.354

The ranking is a formula used to compare universities total performance compared to other universities in the same tournament or a different one. This ranking assumes every school has 3 teams fishing in a Regional event. If a school has less than 3 teams, it is given a score of an average team in the tournament until it reaches 3 teams. The formula uses a weighted formula including total weight, average fish size and number of bass all related to the rest of the field. Ken Duke’s BAXAB formula is given the highest weight because it truly is the best way to measure performance from 2 different tournaments. The formula also accounts for field size of the tournament giving higher weight to larger tournaments. This will allow for Final National ranking that is easily translated from tournament to tournament.

Each school is scored on: 1) Percentile score for total weight of the tournament (The team with the most weight per team gets a score of 1.000, if a school averages 90% of the weight of the top school there score would be 0.900) 2) Percentile score for average fish size (scored like total weight percentile) 3) Ken Duke’s BAXAB score (a score of 1.000 is average, for a full explanation of the BAXAB formula: 4) Tournament weight score (number of boats divided by 100)