Can’t believe it’s over

I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve been at Oneida Lake for a week and it feels like I just got here. I come to the Open tournaments to spend time with my dad. It was an adventure we’ll never forget.

I didn’t catch any fish on Friday. My partner, Gerald Rosenbarker, had a slow first day. He tried hard today but caught only two bass. He missed two big ones that blew up on a frog.

At the dock when we came in, I saw my first-day partner, Eric Smith. He asked me how I did. I gave him the goose egg sign.

He looked disappointed. Then he said: “So, am I officially the best partner you’ve ever had?”

I gave him two thumbs up. I’ve fished two tournament days, and I caught my only bass with him. I hope he loses that distinction next year.

After fishing with my dad on practice days, I told him I would retire from tournament fishing after Oneida. Now, I’d like to do this again next year. I hear there’s going to be an Open tournament at Detroit. That sounds like a good one for me. I love catching smallmouth bass.

I want to thank everyone that came up to me at the tournament to say nice things about our dairies on the Bassmaster web site. I also got a lot of support from bass fishing fans on my facebook page. You bass tournament fishermen are crazy, but you’re fun.

Now I’m officially one of you. Of course, my favorite bass fisherman is my dad, my partner in crime.

Right now I’m ready for a hot shower, a real bed and a home-cooked meal.

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