Candy bars, fries and other fish bait

A pumpkin-flavored doughnut? That's what Lance Peck caught this carp on one morning on North Carolina's Lake Norman. So we asked B.A.S.S. Facebook fans what are the weirdest things they’ve caught fish on! You won’t believe their answers. Or maybe you will! If you’ve caught a fish on something strange, comment below!

Darion Patton caught a 62-pound flathead catfish on Spam! Fish like sweets, too: Mike Collier snagged a 4-foot sand shark on a Swedish Fish, and Brian Wright caught a shovelnose sturgeon on strawberry Hubba-Bubba bubblegum.

Here are some of the weird things B.A.S.S. Facebook fans said they’d caught fish on:

  • Almond Joy
  • Apple
  • Arby’s Curly Fries
  • Bacon
  • Bare hook
  • Big Red gum, especially balled up with cereal like Corn Flakes or Wheaties
  • Bread
  • Buffalo wing
  • Catheter (we can’t figure this one out)
  • Cheetos
  • Cheez-Its
  • Chinese Lo Mein
  • Chips (from Salt & Vinegar Lay’s to Doritos)
  • Cigarette butt
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats
  • Gummy Bears and Worms (even one who swore by dipping them in peanut butter)
  • Hot dog
  • Ivory soap
  • Jell-O and Wheaties
  • Lots of chicken parts (gristle, liver, gizzards)
  • Marshmallow
  • McDonald’s menu items (chicken nuggets, fries and breakfast burrito — who knew?)
  • Orange slice candy
  • Outdoorsy things (flower petals, leaves, grass)
  • Parakeet feather
  • Peanut butter and jelly cracker
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • Pickled bologna
  • Pop-Tart
  • Pork fat
  • Skittles
  • Skoal
  • Slim Jim
  • String cheese
  • Styrofoam
  • Sweet baked goods (Honey Bun, cinnamon roll, glazed doughnut)
  • Tootsie Roll
  • Veggies (corn, lettuce, potato and radishes)
  • Vienna sausages
  • Watermelon rind
  • Wendy’s fries


Tell us in the comments below what you’ve caught fish on, and like us on Facebook to connect with anglers just like you!

Originally published October 2012

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