Bull Shoals: Day One quotes

“Just about everything I catch out there is a keeper... this is a great lake.” – Paul Elias
“I can’t believe I didn’t catch a big fish today.” – Kevin VanDam
“I thought I was doing good until I heard the first five guys weigh in today.” – Greg Vinson
“These guys are the biggest bunch of sandbaggers I’ve ever seen.” – Chris Zaldain
“What do you say? This is a 12-pound lake.” – Mark Davis
“There’s gonna be a log jam around 12 to 13 pounds.” – Matt Greenblatt
“There’s fish out there that act like they’ve never seen anybody.” – David Walker
“It would shock me if there weren’t 90 to 95 limits caught today.” – Greg Hackney
“This place is on pace to have a better cut weight than Okeechobee.” – Bradley Roy
“This is one of the best fisheries in the country.” – Brent Chapman
“My arm’s sore from catching them today.” – Mike Iaconelli