Big bass stories: More from Guntersville


James Overstreet

Every fisherman gets excited about catching a big bass, even Bassmaster Elite Series anglers. And every big bass catch has as good story. Here are seven more big bass stories from the Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament on Lake Guntersville.

Editor's note: Read Day 1 big bass stories.

Jamie Hartman, Day 4: 5 pounds, 14 ounces

“I had one little sweet spot I was throwing over. It was the hot spot. You know I call it the dynamite hole because every time, I was telling my camera man, watch out we're going in the hot hole right now, here's the catch.

“Every time I threw in there, man. I threw that in there and he hit it right where he was supposed to and it was about a 5-pounder. The whole fish came up and out of the water. I yanked the lure, but I barely pricked him. The lure came at me about 10 yards, and I turned to the camera "dang it!"

“As I did, I twitched it again and the 6-pounder ate it, creamed it right there. I had no idea. It wasn't the same fish either. I don't know. That's how things go down. When they're fired up like that. It was shallow water. When they're fired up. It's like the bait landed, and he creamed it. He choked it.”