Of baseball, B.A.S.S., dreams and the Classic


Laurie Tisdale

My talk with Jerry McKinnis

“It's the heart…”

Dateline: Houston

"If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got."

~Mark Twain

Where better to shoot for the stars then Houston, Texas…the home of NASA’s Mission Control.

When I heard that the 2017 Bassmaster Classic was being held in Houston, I thought not about attendance numbers, thought not about the venue of a baseball stadium, thought not about traffic, or technical stuff.

I choose dreams, over details.

When the announcement was made I was suddenly 12 years old again.

I was whisked back to the floor of my parent’s house glued to an RCA black & white TV.

A piece of green shag carpet twirled between my thumb and fore-finger, I was transfixed not on politics and cold war dominance but on a room filled with white shirts and ties in some far away from Buffalo city called…Houston.