Atkins staying solid

Justin Atkins started the day in 17th place after catching 11-11 on Day 1 at Logan Martin. He was just 12 ounces from the Top 12 cut and he’s sitting solid after backing up his Day 1 effort. He believes he has the same bag as yesterday, maybe slightly better. That consistency should get him in the Top 12 cut, especially since it seems to be a little tougher today.

He has been graphing new water and picking off every fish he sees on each spot.

“It feels good to get a bite on almost every cast and call your shot,” Atkins said. “They may not be the biggest, but I’ll get an upgrade every now and then.”

Atkins is in a perfect spot to make the Top 12 and maybe, with one kicker, he may stay in contention to compete for a win tomorrow.