AFTCO seeks pro bassing rep

This year, after celebrating 60 successful years in the saltwater market, AFTCO announced their entrance into the bass apparel market. To kick off their entrance, they are looking for a qualified angler to document the trials and tribulations of the competitive grind of pro angling. Through AFTCO’s Bass Boot Camp YouTube Series, the selected angler will provide an in-depth and behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to chase your dreams of becoming a professional bass angler.

Professional angling is much more than just tournament fishing. As a part of the AFTCO Bass Boot Camp, the angler will be introduced to all angles of competitive bass fishing. They will attend the 2018 Sunline, Big Bite Baits, SPRO, Gamakatsu, Denali Rods and AFTCO Writer’s Conference where they will work alongside top bass anglers and bass fishing media. This will provide an angler the chance to learn more about the business of pro fishing. They will also work alongside AFTCO staff helping to carry out their Conservation-First approach to the outdoors.

The application period is now open, and all entries must be submitted by Friday, Jan. 26. AFTCO has committed to cover entry fees and associated travel expenses after the winner has been selected. In addition, the winning entry will receive an AFTCO apparel sponsorship, including free fishing shirts, rain gear and more. Applicants must intend to fish the Opens in their own boat and be able to film, edit and create their own videos for this unique YouTube series. Video and basic editing skills are a requirement.