Adventures in angling travel

Angling passion has no geographic boundaries. Once the fishing bug bites, it’s always there – an itch that needs to be scratched whenever and wherever possible. Sometimes that means dedicated angling travel to a specific bucket-list destination. Other times it simply means being prepared to fish wherever your routine travels take you. In either case, packing your own quality gear ensures you’re prepared to make the most of your angling adventures.

“You can make an easy catch anything/anywhere setup with just two or three rods,” says angling vagabond and FLW tournament bass pro, Troy Lindner, whose go-to travel-rod arsenal consists of a three-piece St. Croix Avid Trek medium-light power spinning rod, a three-piece Avid Trek medium power spinning rod, and a four-piece St. Croix Triumph Travel medium-heavy power casting rod. “For the majority of freshwater fishing, you can target a lot of species… bass, trout, salmon, walleye, pike, panfish, you name it... with just these three rods. I try to keep things simple and pack as light as possible,” he adds. “I’ll spool braid onto three matching reels then pack a variety of sizes of fluorocarbon leader material so I can be ready for any presentation or opportunity.”

Lindner, well known for his foreign and domestic angling adventures, recently took a road trip from his home in Minnesota out to Seattle, then down to Utah. “I stopped at many places along the way, shore fishing and venturing out on my kayak,” he says. “There are so many hidden gems across the Northern Plains, mountains, and high deserts from North Dakota to Washington. I consider this area one of the last frontiers of unspoiled fishing in America.” Lindner mainly targeted all species of trout along the way, but also hunted bass, walleye, and even tiger musky.