Aaron Martens signs with Enigma Fishing

When Aaron Martens and Megabass parted ways after 17 years, there was a line in the Megabass release referring to Aaron going to a "fledgling brand" that raised a few eyebrows. The speculation can end – the 2013 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year is the face of Enigma Fishing, a new company in Central Florida. 

Enigma Fishing's first products are a line of rods designed by Martens himself, called Aaron's Edge. 

"The opportunity to design my own rods from scratch means a lot to me," Martens said, "and I'm doing that with the Aaron's Edge series. Several models are ready and more are in the works. I think they're the best rods on the market at any price, but they're also affordable."

There are a dozen casting models in the Aaron's Edge lineup and three spinning models; every rod in the lineup retails for $179.99 each. More models will be introduced as Martens designs and perfects them.

For more information on Enigma Fishing, visit enigmafishing.com.