4-year-old finishes fourth

At 4 years old, Jaxon Golightly is making a name for himself in the bass fishing world, one tournament at a time.

"Jaxon fished his first tournament this past week in our Cowboy Bass Youth event," explained Becca Golightly, his mother and the president of the Wyoming B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. Children of any age can compete in the youth tournament, but only ages 11 to 18 can move up to the next level -- the Junior Bassmaster Western Divisional.

"I think he by far is our youngest ever at 4 years old," said Golightly. "He wants to know when he will be old enough to win the trophy. He just cannot wait seven more years!"

Jaxon finished in fourth place with 9.69 pounds, beating several of the adults, including his mother.

"Most of the kids did great," added Golightly. "They fished July 13, and the highest weight was 12.17 pounds. The highest adult weight for the next two days, which were tougher, was 13.23 pounds. More than half the field caught less than 10 pounds."

Jaxon Golightly

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