14-year-old angler catches 14-pounder

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Rein Golubjatnikov, 14, of the Rochester Jr. Bassmasters in New York set the hook like he would any other time he gets a bite from a bass. He glimpsed the fish preparing to jump out of the water and thought little of it. After all, Golubjatnikov didn’t really care whether he caught the bass because he was practice-fishing for the Bassmaster Junior National Championship.

What ensued, though, he may never forget: A behemoth bass thrashed at the boat and made a wake of its own with a simple headshake.

Golubjatnikov’s partner, Matthew Pitcher, netted the fish, which not only proved to be the young angler’s personal best bass, it pushed the Tennessee state record of 15.2 pounds. The beast weighed 14 pounds, 2 ounces on their scale, after multiple tests to confirm it, and it was accepted as the Carroll County 1,000-Acre Recreational Lake record. If they didn’t before, the New Yorkers now have a soft spot in their heart for Huntingdon, Tennessee.