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Pro’s tips for punching mats

Powroznik says he sometimes finds the best parts of a grass mat by simpy putting his trolling motor down and “flipping forever.” Photo by Mark Hicks

Many Elite Series pros excel at punching matted grass, but only a handful of them are masters at it. Two of those masterful punchmeisters are Jacob “JPow” Powroznik and Terry “Big Show” Scroggins. Their insights on this essential technique will help you extract more heavyweights from dense greenery. The prime time for punching throughout much of the country begins in late summer and carries into the fall. By this time various species of submerged grass have grown to the surface and formed the matted canopies that bass love to lounge under.

Then again, any body of water that supports some type of aquatic vegetation may have punchable mats in any season, Scroggins pointed out. Chopped-up floating grass also forms mats when the wind or current pushes it against the bank or around a snag or some other cover, Scroggins added. Although these mats can vanish overnight, bass do use them.