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Common dropshot mistakes

Arizona pro Clifford Pirch says success with a drop shot is all about paying close attention to details. Photo by Andy Crawford

Getting bites on a drop-shot rig is easy. Catching lots of fish on a drop shot can be a challenge. Weekend anglers are more concerned with the bait they’re using than how they are using it.

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Cliff Pirch, one of the top drop shotters on tour, grew up fishing the technique on the deep and clear Western lakes where details are essential to catching bass. He says some recreational anglers often overlook the subtleties of drop shotting and miss out on fish they could be catching.

“When I’m not tournament fishing, I’m guiding, and the drop shot is a good technique to put clients on fish,” said Pirch. “And when it’s a man and a woman and she has less experience, she often will out-fish the man because she pays close attention to the details.” So what are those typical mistakes anglers are making? Pirch outlines the biggest ones.