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Common deep crankbait mistakes

Texas pro Keith Combs has won $1 million with B.A.S.S., relying heavily on a deep- diving crankbait. Photo by Garrick Dixon

Some guys shudder at the thought of having to throw a deep-running crankbait on mid-lake structure.
If that’s you, it’s probably because you’re forced out of your comfort zone when fishing offshore on bottom structure you can’t see. That’s when the lack-of-confidence factor kicks in. After 10 casts, you put down the crankbait rod and opt for dragging plastics on the bottom. Too bad, because deep cranking can be one of the best and fastest methods for loading the boat with quality bass during the summertime.

Keith Combs certainly knows. Arguably one of the best crankbait anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Combs will tell you there isn’t a better way to catch a big limit when fish are schooling offshore. If you do it the right way.

Combs, who works as a Texas fishing guide when he’s not touring with the Elites, says he has seen all the mistakes that anglers make. Here are some of those mistakes — including some that may surprise you: