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How to fish current

Welcher will sometimes seek out tailwater areas when no other current is available on a fishery. Photos by Mark Hicks

Kyle Welcher's ability to decode puzzling shallow-water currents has helped him qualify for his second consecutive Bassmaster Classic via the Elite Series. Since the Alabamian began fishing the Elites as a rookie in 2020, flowing water has often been a factor, particularly in riverine and tidal environments.

Although current throws a nasty curveball at many anglers, it is often a fat pitch over the plate for Welcher. He grew up fishing the Chattahoochee and Coosa rivers. When not competing in a tournament, he often casts for shoal bass from an aluminum boat.

“I just like to fish in current,” Welcher said. “I’ve caught a lot of spotted bass, shoal bass and largemouth fishing in a current. I’m really partial to shoal bass. They’re so rare. I’m lucky to have them only 10 minutes from home [in Opelika, Ala.].”