Lunker Club

July/August 2021 Lunker Club

6-3<br> Austin Brown<br> American Lake, Washington<br> 3-inch Stik-O Ned rig<br> <br> <b><a href=
6-3 Austin Brown American Lake, Washington 3-inch Stik-O Ned rigSubmit a lunker / See more galleries
6-12<br> Bill Schultz<br> Green Bay, Wisconsin<br> Howie’s Tackle Tube<br>
6-12 Bill Schultz Green Bay, Wisconsin Howie’s Tackle Tube
5-0<br> Brian Jenkins<br> Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia<br> Little John MD 50 (chartreuse)<br>
5-0 Brian Jenkins Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia Little John MD 50 (chartreuse)
11-8<br> Dave Hofma<br> Headwaters Lake, Florida<br> 3/8-ounce War Eagle Spinnerbait<br>
11-8 Dave Hofma Headwaters Lake, Florida 3/8-ounce War Eagle Spinnerbait
5-5<br> David Talbert<br> Lake Norman, North Carolina<br> Shaky head Zoom Trick Worm<br>
5-5 David Talbert Lake Norman, North Carolina Shaky head Zoom Trick Worm
12-5<br> Gary Ward<br> Corney Lake, Louisiana<br> 6-inch worm (green pumpkin)<br>
12-5 Gary Ward Corney Lake, Louisiana 6-inch worm (green pumpkin)
12-6<br> Gilbert Miller<br> Lake Lavon, Texas<br> Norman Middle N (sexy shad)<br>
12-6 Gilbert Miller Lake Lavon, Texas Norman Middle N (sexy shad)
10-7<br> Grant Gadel<br> Private farm pond, Illinois<br> 7-inch Power Worm<br>
10-7 Grant Gadel Private farm pond, Illinois 7-inch Power Worm
6-13<br> Jason Padgett<br> Lake James, North Carolina<br> 3/8-ounce Fish Head Spin w/ Zoom Super Fluke<br>
6-13 Jason Padgett Lake James, North Carolina 3/8-ounce Fish Head Spin w/ Zoom Super Fluke
8-3<br> Josh Turner<br> Black River, Michigan<br> Z-Man Ned rig with Z-Man TRD<br>
8-3 Josh Turner Black River, Michigan Z-Man Ned rig with Z-Man TRD
11-13<br> Mike Randall<br> Lake Baccarac, Mexico<br> Strike King 8XD (chartreuse and powder blue)<br>
11-13 Mike Randall Lake Baccarac, Mexico Strike King 8XD (chartreuse and powder blue)
11-6<br> Neil Smith<br> Jordan Lake, North Carolina<br> 1/2-ounce Strike King KVD spinnerbait (bream)<br>
11-6 Neil Smith Jordan Lake, North Carolina 1/2-ounce Strike King KVD spinnerbait (bream)
10-10<br> Ron Green<br> Lake Tyler, Texas<br> Zoom Baby Brush Hog (green pumpkin/blue)<br>
10-10 Ron Green Lake Tyler, Texas Zoom Baby Brush Hog (green pumpkin/blue)
10-9<br> Ron Groeneveld<br> Private lake, California<br> 1/2-ounce Rat-L-Trap<br>
10-9 Ron Groeneveld Private lake, California 1/2-ounce Rat-L-Trap
11-9<br> Ronny Horn<br> Lake Bridgeport, Texas<br> Zoom Magnum Lizard (watermelon red)<br>
11-9 Ronny Horn Lake Bridgeport, Texas Zoom Magnum Lizard (watermelon red)
11-4<br> Terry Lampman<br> Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, Texas<br> Bass Pro worm<br>
11-4 Terry Lampman Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, Texas Bass Pro worm
7-3<br> Tom Trombley<br> Lake St. Clair, Michigan<br> Storm crankbait (silver and black)<br>
7-3 Tom Trombley Lake St. Clair, Michigan Storm crankbait (silver and black)
11-6<br> William Trevillian lll<br> Private lake, Virginia<br> 7-inch Bull Shad<br>
11-6 William Trevillian lll Private lake, Virginia 7-inch Bull Shad