Bill Dance awarded Tennessee House Joint Resolution

The orange and white University of Tennessee hat is a trademark for bass fishing legend Bill Dance. On Monday April 1st, Mr. Dance was honored and commended with a House Joint Resolution by the State of Tennessee for his exceptional service as a fisherman and an ambassador for the sport, and to Tennessee. Mr. Dance was presented the resolution on the Tennessee House of Representatives floor as well as the Tennessee Senate floor where he spoke on his award. Dance, one of the most recognizable men in Tennessee admitted that this was a tremendous honor, “to walk in the house and the senate floor and be greeted with a standing ovation and everyone wanting to take a picture with you, it’s something special.”

Dennis Tumlin, the Chief Customer Officer for the TN Department of Tourism expressed his enthusiasm for this award going to Mr. Dance.

“Today was a chance for the State of Tennessee to recognize Bill for a lifetime of being an exceptional ambassador for the state. Bill Dance is synonymous with Tennessee and it’s an honor to have someone like him represent the state,” said Tumlin. Despite being well dressed for the occasion; Dance was undoubtedly sporting his signature orange and white Tennessee hat in the Tennessee State Capitol.

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