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Stowable tow rope for fishing kayaks

A kayak motor malfunctions in a beast of a wind. Or maybe a kayaker loses his paddle. Pontoon boat runs out of gas. You’d like to help, but are you ready to tow? Stow a hunk of rope wrapped around a swim noodle and a track-mount cleat and you will be good to go.
A swim noodle holds a bunch of rope and compacts down for storage. You can also squeeze it through some front handles so the line comes off the towed boat’s nose, too.
YakAttack’s GT Cleats slide into rear gear tracks on the tow boat and provide an easy tie-off point. You can stow one in a tackle tray until it’s needed, and it beats holding the tow rope with your hand.
The swim noodle also is easy to hold for the towed boater. Note how the line goes through the front handle.
Slow and steady pedaling or paddling gets the job done.