Kayak: Top baits at Possum Kingdom

Check out the baits used by the top finishers at the 2024 Yamaha Rightwaters Bassmaster Kayak Series at Possum Kingdom Lake scored by TourneyX.

Jason Isaacs
Isaacs, who finished as the event champion, used a shaky head to catch most of his fish.  HIs homemade ⅛ oz jig head was tipped with a ZMan FattyZ Worm.
Jason Isaacs with his 23.5” (9.61 pound) bass caught with the ZMan FattyZ. 
Brandon Prince
Brandon Prince of Missouri threw a 7” Versatile Threadfin VG2 Swimbait and a Berkley Rage But with a ¼ oz. tungsten weight to finish in second place at Possum Kingdom.
Clint Pippen
Clint Pippen of Mississippi used the Snag proof Zoo Pop for the majority of his fish and caught a couple of smaller fish on the white ZMan Jackhammer with a white rage tail. He fished mainly 3 to 4 feet deep in flooded grass and old growth from when the lake was low. All were post spawn fish except for the 22.75 which was spawning. Fishing muddy water up a creek, in one back water pocket. Most of his fish were caught where he started. All within varying distance. 
Rus Snyders
Rus Snyders from Tennessee finished in the top 5 catching most of his fish with a ZMan Mag FattyZ in green pumpkin. He cut off the head to shorten it up a bit. He used this bait Texas rigged with a 3/16th oz. weight on 15 lb Seaguar Invizx and an iRod 733 Quercus rod which has become one of his favorites for light ⅛-⅜ oz Texas rigged worms and creature baits.  His main areas of fishing included the backs of cuts and creeks that had brush and wood. In the morning he was getting them on shallower brush in 3-5 feet of water. Later in the day he used his Livescope to focus on cover in 5-10 feet of water. 
Matthew Flett
Matthew Flett of Texas used a 4” Watermelon red Damiki Hydra, weightless on a 2/0 swimbait hook for skipping docks and bushes. He also used a 4” Big Bite Baits creature bait on an Owner 1/0 Wide Gap Worm hook on deeper structure to catch most of his fish. In cleaner water he would go to a watermelon red with the creature bait.
Casey Reed
Casey Reed of West Virginia used a 3/16th ounce Shakeyhead on a spinning setup for casting to smaller targets and a ⅜ oz on his baitcast setup for longer casts on rocky points. He caught most of his fish around 6-8 feet deep on rocky outcrops, road beds, brush piles, and standing timber. 
Jack Tibbens
Tibbens of Connecticut used a Wave Worm in a sweet potato color pattern rigged Neko style on a 1/0 Octopus hook and 3/16th oz weight. His rod combo was a Lews Speed Spool 6.4:1 on a KVD 6’6” medium heavy rod. He also used a White Martin’s ½ ounce swim jig with a a white Zoom Fat Albert Grub on a Piscfun 8.1:1 rod with 50 lb. Power Pro braid and an Okuma Stratus 7’ medium heavy rod. 
Jerry Cornelius
Jerry Cornelius from Missouri used a technique while fishing the Bassmaster Championship on Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma recently and used this same pattern at Possum Kingdom.  He would bounce a Spro Rock Crawler DD50 off everything possible on a 9.0:1 Abu Garcia Revo SX.  Fishing it in depths between 5 and 8 feet he found much success on wind blown and main lake pockets on chunk rock and gravel bottoms. 
Billy Bowden
Billy Bowden of Arkansas found that an Owner ⅛ ounce shaky head tipped with a Zoom trick worm in green pumpkin candy could catch him some nice bass on PK. He also used a Gamakatsu 4/0 round bend worm hook and a Zoom Super Fluke in glimmer blue with much success in his 9th place finish. 
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed, one of three Missourians in the top 10 at Possum Kingdom produced some nice catches with a ½ ounce Crock-O-Gator Pro Shaker head paired up with a Strike King Rage Craw in black and blue.  Another bait that brought him success was a drop shot pink Robo worm.  He targeted bedding bass all day long and wanted bait that could sit right in their face and make a ton of movement without moving off the bed.