Install a weed whacker for kayak pedal-props

Stringy grass is the nemesis of propeller-drive kayaks, which is frustrating since bass live in the stuff. Anytime you pedal to a bass’ grassy lair, you’ll likely spend some time with the drive out of the water while you pick the lower unit clean. Fortunately, an inexpensive hose clamp can help keep weeds off.
Start by mounting the hose clamp low and close to the propeller hub, where weeds tend to concentrate.
Twisting the hose clamp band to act as a knife blade can cut the stems — no need to sharpen it.
The most critical step is snipping the clamp band as close as possible to the propeller, just short of where it will touch the propeller blade.
The hose clamp blade won’t let you plow into thick weeds and keep going but does do a good job of keeping sparser weeds from building up. Pulsing your pedals back and forth assists with weed removal.