Inside Malott’s Old Town kayak

Old Town pro Jeff Malott of Fayetteville, Ark., will compete in his Old Town BigWater PDL 132 at Bassmaster’s final kayak series event of the year on Pickwick Lake.
Old Town Lure Angler PFD are rigged with all the essentials — phone tether, emergency whistle, knife, etc.
The Bigwater is powered by the reliable PDL drive keeping hands free for fishing and in position in the current or wind.
The Ketch Carbonate is Malott’s preferred measuring device along with a Tourneytag for keeping the identifier handy and in the photo.
 The BigWater is rigged with a Humminbird Helix 7 MEGA SI Unit powered by a 12 ah lithium battery.
After going through many pre fab kayak crates, Malott went back to a DIY crate for more storage and versatility. The crate can hold up to 10 rods and a variety of tackle trays/bags.
Malott doesn’t go fishing without a YakSack attached to the front of all my seats. It holds pliers, scissors and every other needed accessory within arm’s reach.
In case of ultra shallow water Malott always has a Carlisle paddle lashed to the boat with a Robohawk tether.
Inside the hull under front hatch Malott stores the battery along with extra tackle, emergency supplies and even extra rods.