New Mojo Yak for kayak anglers from St. Croix

Park Falls, WI – The serious among them call it their “boat”. Because saying “kayak” might insinuate their mindfully chosen means of travel plays second fiddle to something motorized. Nada. This growing army – some wielding paddles, others advanced pedals – prefers the people-powered approach to fishing. And finally, a rod manufacturer has legitimized these hardcore, fishing-while-exercising anglers with a premium rod series built just for them: Mojo Yak.

“This was one of the most challenging, but also incredibly rewarding rod development projects in company history, said Jason Brunner, Director of Engineering. “When doing research and development on a bass or walleye rod, we go to species experts who invariably fish from traditional, motorized boats, so we don’t have to think as much about the watercraft, rather focusing squarely on power, action, lure-selection and general rod performance.”

“With Mojo Yak, how an angler fishes inside the kayak environment, given its space restrictions, is as important as what they’re fishing for. And I think kayak anglers will find that St. Croix really nailed it.”

To best describe Mojo Yak is to begin with its kayak-specific characteristics, each included to improve fishability or thwart the common challenges of operating in such tight, sometimes unforgiving quarters. Unforgiving? Yes. Other than the comfort of your seat, every other square inch of a kayak is as hard as a rock. And somewhere out there is a graveyard of busted guides and rings. To that cause, Mojo Yak features Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames. Durability and castability are served.