Putting it all together


James Overstreet

I’d like to tell you that I planned it this way — that the earlier columns in this series were part of my master scheme and that it would all come together at Lake Martin. It would reveal just how clever I am … but that wouldn’t be the truth. Not really. And it wasn’t nearly as easy as all that.

In my earlier columns, I talked about how I got to the Elite Series and my up and down performance through the years, about the disappointing season and mistakes I made in 2017 and about how I was paring down my tackle for 2018 so I would be focused on the baits and techniques that give me confidence. 

It may seem like a cliché, but all of those things came back to me at the first Bassmaster Elite Series event this year — every one of them. 

Todd Faircloth, Jeff Kriet and Gene Eisenmann (T-H Marine) and I rented a house on Lake Martin for the tournament. Arriving at the house gave me my first look at the lake, and I saw the clear water and clay banks that typify the highland reservoirs around that part of Alabama.

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